Family Medicine Clinical Rotation 1

Program Name:

Family Medicine Clinical Rotation

Program Code:


Clinical Rotation Type: In-person

Virtual Rotation Type: Observership and Elective

Clinical Setting: Community Clinic

Department: Family Medicine

  • Program Description:

    This clinical rotation in Family Medicine provides students and medical graduates supervised exposure to the core principles in general Family Medicine with further development of clinical reasoning and patient management. Students will evaluate patients with a variety of common chronic and acute complaints in a wide range of age groups, and make an initial management plan in conjunction with their supervising physician. Patients will be seen for initial evaluation or continuity of care. Students will learn about the community in which they serve patients and how that community and the individual’s social determinants of health may affect health care outcomes. This rotation would be beneficial for students and medical graduates interested in any primary care specialty.

  • Program Goals:

    • Using background medical knowledge and clinical reasoning to form hypotheses related to patient problems in general family medicine.
    • Understand the principles of preventive medicine including patient education and USPSTF screening recommendations.
    • Developing an understanding of the psychosocial, educational, economic, cultural, and religious backgrounds of patients that underlies their diverse belief systems in the approach to the management of patients.

  • Clinical Competencies:

    • Obtaining an accurate and pertinent patient-centered medical history from all appropriate available sources.
    • Presenting during formal rounding or ambulatory setting.
    • Write up each new or transferred patient, presenting patient data in the approved format and including an assessment (differential diagnosis and the reasoning that dictates the diagnostic and management approach) and plan for each problem.
    • Effectively utilizing the library and electronic resources to research the problem list and to demonstrate proficiency with critical reading skills.

      Rotation Block: Four Weeks

      • Rotation Schedule:

        Time: 8:00 am to 5 pm (EST)
        • Patient Rounds (2-3 hours daily)
        • Lectures Series (2-3 hours daily)
        • Student Presentations (Weekly)
        • Individual Case Studies

      • Letter of Recommendation (LOR): Yes, a performance-based LOR is granted
      • Letterhead for LOR: Clinic
      • Application Requirements:

        1. Medical Degree or Medical School Transcript
        2. Letter from the Medical School Dean (ONLY for Medical Students)
        3. Curriculum Vitae
        4. USMLE Step Exam Scores (If taken)
        5. ACLS/BLS or CPR Training Card
        6. Malpractice Insurance
        7. Personal Health Insurance Card
        8. Photo ID: Driver’s License, Social Security Card, Green Card; Passport (for non-US-citizens)
        9. Student Evaluation Form (if required by the Medical School)
        10. Physical Exam (no older than 1 year)
        11. 10-panel Drug Test (no older than 6 months)
        12. Immunization Documents: Scanned lab report of Titers (no older than 1 year)
        13. Flu Shot (during the flu season)
        14. 2-Step PPD (no older than 6 months) or Interferon-Gamma Release Assay
        15. A background check report (no older than 6 months)
        16. Recent Photo (Headshot for ID badge)

        Include these documents in three files (two pdf and one jpg). The size of each file should not exceed 1000 KB
        The first pdf should have all the documents from 1-8. Label the first pdf as “Application_[YOUR NAME]”
        The second pdf should have all the documents from 10-15. Label the second pdf as “Onboarding_[YOUR NAME]”
        Include your recent photo as a jpg file separately

      • Application Process:

        ❶ Review the application requirements, program details, and fee structure carefully.
        ❷ Email all the required documents (as two pdf files and one jpg file)* at [email protected]
        ❸ Mention your status and the program code subject of the email (‘Medical Student; Program Code:XXX’ or ‘Medical Graduate; Program Code:XXX’)
        ❹ In the body of the email mention your desired month and two alternative months.
        ❺ You will receive a confirmation AFTER your application is accepted (no fee is charged for the application).
        ❻ We will offer you one alternative rotation if your application is accepted but your desired month and rotation are not available.
        ❼ If accepted to the program, you will be forwarded the payment and rotation details.
        ❽ After the confirmation of payment, details of your rotation will be emailed to you within 3 days.

        *Maximum size of each file: 1000 KB

      • City: Miami
      • State: Florida
      • Country: United States
      • Availability: June, July, and August 2021
      • Fee: $950.00