Enhance Your MedEd Experience

Leveraging Virtual and Online Tools to Facilitate Learning

MedEd Virtual Studio

Interactive virtual cases and case α series for self study

Virtual Electives

Explore the virtual elective opportunities


Traditional and virtual clinical rotations for medical graduates

Top Curated Resources for Licensing Exams

These resources are curated based on end-user response and the features they offer

  • MKSAP18

    Medical Knowledge Self Assessment Program (MKSAP) helps physicians measure their knowledge in the broad specialty of Internal Medicine.

  • NEJM Knowledge+

    Board review resource from New England Journal of Medicine

Stay on Top of Your Learning and Transition to Independent Practice

These free online resources will enhance your learning experience and and prepare you for independent practice

  • MedEd PORTAL

    MedEd PORTAL is the journal of health professions educational resources

  • Telemedicine: A Practical Guide for Incorporation into your Practice

    This course covers the benefits of using Telemedicine as well as practical steps on how to incorporate it into your practice

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